Trailer Rentals

Complement your tractor units with our tailor-made semi-trailers!

At A.G.W. Rental Deutschland GmbH we offer you suitable trailers to meet these increasing challenges and optimize your transport solutions. This means you can flexibly adapt your tractor units to different areas of application and respond to the needs of your customers at any time.

DAF Zugmaschine mit Planen-Auflieger
from 499,- €

Rent a tarpaulin semi-trailer

The perfect combination of trailers and equipment makes our tractor units ideal for both short and long-haul transportation, as well as for construction vehicles or specialized transport needs. However, the demands placed on tractor units are constantly evolving and becoming more demanding.

At AGW Rental, we understand this and strive to meet your individual needs by offering a range of specialized trailers. This includes refrigerated trailers, which are perfect for transporting temperature-sensitive goods. Rest assured, we are committed to providing you with the highest level of service and ensuring your cargo arrives safely and in optimal condition.

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Rent a refrigerated trailer

Our high-quality refrigerated trailers ensure that your goods are always transported in perfect condition and under optimal conditions, allowing you to guarantee your customers the highest quality and reliability.

Our wide range of refrigerated trailers enables you to tailor your transportation solutions even better to your specific requirements, successfully meeting the growing challenges of the transportation industry. Contact us now and secure a personalized quote for a refrigerated trailer.

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Kühlauflieger der A.G.W. Rental Deutschland GmbH
from 999,- €
Kofferauflieger AGW Rental Deutschland
from 599,- €

Rent a box trailer

Renting box trailers is a popular option for our customers who have temporary additional transportation needs or who want to expand their fleet without having to invest in new vehicles.

Box trailers are specialized trailers designed for the transportation of goods in enclosed containers or containers. They provide a secure and weather-resistant way to transport goods over long distances. Depending on the type of goods to be transported, box trailers can be rented with various equipment features.

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The advantages of our trailers

  • Generous loading space

    Our semi-trailers offer a generous loading space, giving you enough space to transport your goods. With an impressive length, width and height, you can transport your cargo efficiently and safely.

  • Easy to use

    Our trailers are designed to be easy to use. The tailgate allows easy access to the loading area, and the specially designed locking systems ensure that your cargo is securely secured during transport.

  • High-quality materials

    Our trailers are made of robust and durable materials that can withstand the demands of transport. The side walls and roof are made of high quality tarpaulin material that protects your cargo from the elements.

  • Safety first

    The safety of your cargo is important to us. Our trailers are equipped with the latest safety features, including ABS braking systems and stability controls, to provide you with the highest level of safety during transport.

  • Flexibility and reliability

    We offer you flexible rental options to meet your individual requirements. Whether you want to rent the trailer for a day, a month or longer, we are at your disposal. Our trailers are regularly maintained and checked to guarantee you reliable performance.